ON "CHE HAMZAH'S MONKEY" - Owen Davis - Stingy Artist/Last Straw, 1988.

The life and legs of a book always amazes. Of recent times have met and had good chats with my Malay/Sufi friend, Suzuki. Warmth and ease was there from the start. Instant. In the usual flow of Zen and Sufi tales and stuff, i happened to mention that i had published a book of Malaysian travel poems by my friend, OWEN DAVIS. i followed this up by giving him a copy the very next day.
                                      SYNCHRONICITY !
Suzuki actually knew CHE HAMZAH - The Puppet Master. Had been a student of his as a young man in Malaysia. Suzuki said Che Hamzah was one incredible guy = shaman, spiritual teacher, a thrower of shadows and voices, AND that he had died about 10 years ago.
i relate this to OWEN (nearby, in Bournemouth ! AH ! a real poet in Dorset !) and he is not only amazed but also, not amazed. These synchronicities DO occur. Owen tells me, he could have bought one of Che Hamzah's puppets for just £10. in the '70's - but had no room in his rucksack ! It would now have been such a treasure. Of course the real treasure-house is memory.
i am increasingly amazed at the interconnectedness of all things = the readers of this blog; 6 billion people on this planet;the Milky Way; Indra's Net; countless BIG BANGS; the endless possibilities in the beginner's mind.....infinite stupidity.........i am moved to tears as i type this/ at all of this. & this. AND THIS. and even this....  

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