THIS IS JUST TO SAY...i have had the most wonderful day on a day that the temperature was perfect for me for many hours of very slow yoga practice and even slower zazen (!) starting at circa three aye em and only finally getting dressed to go out circa ten aye em with just water and lemon and banana and apple for was all i wanted...and now circa six pee em having sustained myself on water, more fruit and sunbathing i cycled around the lake and am ready for the vegetable soup i started to prepare after my ride and will enjoy it with the wholemeal bread baked yesterday with the Tofu Rosso...Am i READY!...Boo hoo...there's no chocolate soya dessert left in the fridge for pudding... and i ate the last of the raw chocolate yesterday evening...What is a poor boy to do?!......AH WELL......(i'll) just (have to) sit (it out)......MAYBE!

Towards a Pattern of Portland : (2) : 12 Fotos @ THE BEACH HUTS @ WEST WEARES...Monday 9th. September 2013...

GUY MENDES, on being asked by Jonathan Williams what he took pictures of, said = "Whatever gets in the way, whenever I have the time and patience and presence of mind to see it." The following 9 fotos seemed to me to be of a set as i snapped amongst the sunday strollers and sudden and sporadic showers...they got in my way!

THEY ONCE WERE GIANTS : Horse Chestnut trees @ Warmwell : 10 STUMPS

SIX-OF-ONE & HALF-A-DOZEN OF THE OTHER : Showing @ Weymouth Harbour