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a silent question

"Enlightenment, True Nature, True Self, Wholeness, the Unconditioned Absolute - whatever words have been given to what is without words, unthinkable, unknowable, ungraspable - is not the effect of a cause. It is luminously present and timeless, overlooked by the roving intellect that is trying to grasp it and obscured by the bodymind's constantly shifting moods, desires, and fears. Moment-to-moment meditation is clearly coming upon this roving and shifting, resisting and fearing mind and the urge to do something about it! Pausing for an instant - is there any doer?"

TONI PACKER - The Silent Question, Shambhala Publications, 2007.
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thus was i reading on the bus
30 / may / 2015

Thursday, 28 May 2015

it is enuf to just sit quietly (2)

"To practice zazen is Buddhism... Buddhism is to practice zazen."
"If we see practice as a means of attaining enlightenment, enlightenment will become a kind of ideal and our practice will become a kind of idealistic practice. Buddhism is not idealism. Buddhism rejects the notion that enlightenment or happiness can be realised through intellectual effort or understanding. Buddhism states that the Truth is here, and the Truth is now. Happiness exists in sincere effort at the moment of the present. Enlightenment and practice are, therefore, one and the same. If we want to study true Buddhism, we must retain this understanding. If we want to find true happiness, we must find it in work, in action, in practice - here and now. We must find it in zazen. Zazen is enlightenment itself. Zazen is Buddhism itself. Buddhism is zazen."
(To Meet the Real Dragon. GUDO WAFU NISHIJIMA. Windbell Publications, 2nd edition, 1992.)
[a personal note on the above]
i encountered this book many years ago, and was so "taken" with it, that i wrote to Nishijima Roshi. My three or four letters were each politely answered by him. However my practice these days, accords with everything except that i feel that the zazen posture is not as vital, as some zen practitioners would have it. It is enuf to just sit quietly... In this, i have been influenced a lot by the books of Toni Packer and Joan Tollifson... by Buddhists and non-Buddhists. 
i still "enjoy" returning to this book to read the chapter on Zazen. It remains a sort of inspiration... a lamp unto me, still. 
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golden goji hermitage
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flowers for buddha (3)


golden goji hermitage
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incense for buddha

golden goji hermitage
before dawn
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golden goji hermitage
25 / V / 2015

"every something is an echo of nothing" - john cage


is an

of nothing"

golden goji hermitage
25 / V / 2015

EYES HORIZONTAL, NOSE VERTICAL - 03.00 HRS.- 23 / 02 / 2019

"Sit zazen wholeheartedly, conform to the Buddha form, and let go of all things. Then, leaping beyond the boundary of delusions and en...