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* A monk told Joshu = i have just entered the monastery. Please teach me. Joshu asked = Have you eaten your rice porridge? The monk replied = i have eaten. Joshu said = Then you had better wash your bowl. At that moment the monk was enlightened. *

bernard hemensley sometime b4 breakfast GOLDY HERMITAGE 1 / september / 2017 ======================

11 fotos : Hope Square

bernard hemensley GOLDY HERMITAGE 31 / august / 2017 ===================

"The student of Buddhism should think about the inevitability of dying. While the truth is too obvious to be thought in those words, you should not waste your precious time by doing useless things, but instead do worthwhile things. Of many worthwhile things, just one - indeed all else is futile - is vitally important: the way of life of the Buddhas and ancestors." MASTER DOGEN.

GOLDY HERMITAGE 31 / august / 2017 ===================

13 fotos : Near the Nothe Gardens : Weymouth

bernard hemensley GOLDY HERMITAGE 31 / august / 2017 ====================

11 fotos : Inner Harbour : Weymouth

bernard hemensley GOLDY HERMITAGE 30 / august / 2017 =====================

"There seems to be a common misunderstanding about zazen, which some people think of as a technique for reaching a state of "no thought." Such an understanding of zazen assumes that a certain state of mind can be reached by manipulation, technique or method."

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