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electric fence
on stems

small snail slides
out of bucket
on a hook

a cat has
found the sun
amongst nettles

abundant nettles -
no gloves
no soup

amongst the ivy
room for just one
on the stone bench

even on
twisted limbs
harvesting apples

we lead the horse
to the water
and bolt
the stable door

* * * * * * * * * * *
Golden GOJI Hermitage 27 JULY 2013 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

MEMORY OF VIOLETS... to (the memory of) my father.

That scant cluster of violets beside one of Radipole's paths has prospered along a stretch of several feet in just the few years since you passed. You would have returned exultant  to have seen them so these past years as i do. And the blossoms of your own flowering? 4 children from your seed & 3 for the next generation of which 2 survive. But assuredly living-dying like a memory of violets is an endless flowing and flowering in and of the cosmos... Golden GOJI Hermitage 14/3/2011 - 27/7/2013 ********************* 


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Within the last 24 hours...i have stood under a downpour while the lightnings flashed about me in the night...i have practiced some asanas while Krishna Das blasted me in the early morning...i have eaten a papaya for breakfast then used the skin to moisturise my own - Do not put anything on your body that you would not eat! - ...i have cycled to the beach and on the beach and laughed at those who say it will cause the bike to rust...and i looked at the milky sea and sky and marveled...And i can sit...and i sat...And i can wait...and i waited......And there are still 10 more hours to go......

Last week, at a Buddhist group i sometimes attend, it was as if we were never gonna get started......"teacher" was fussing with her cat. Cat was being a cat. "Teacher" eventually laid-out a blanket for cat. Puss continued to prowl......"Oh, you'll have to go out, you're too restless," said "teacher", and puss was scooped-up and put-out in kitchen............Like "not the wind that moves, but your mind," in the Zen tale, it was "teacher's" mind that was restless. Cat was just being cat............