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White horses out in force all along the bay this a'noon. & on distant hills, one can make-out KING GEORGE riding OUT of Weymouth - some would say - GOOD RIDDANCE. Georgie, of course, should have been depicted riding majestically INTO our town - for his summer sojourn. It is not summer yet - probably, summer came and went some weeks ago !  ON this last day of APRIL, are we on the threshold of a "proper" summer ? i wonder. Is it too much to hope for in England ? THE SUN is out today, and y'days dire greyness, gales and rain has been replaced by these beautiful, WHITE HORSES, all-be-they still driven by a less-fierce weather system, before my eyes on Weymouth beach, heralding, i wonder what ? Will OLYMPIAN SAILORS be welcomed by an adoring sun and the locals ?....£10 to get into the NOTHE GARDENS !...Losing-out to McDONALD'S and WALLS ICE CREAM...exclusive franchises during this Olympian Festival ! Just who will be the winners, on and off the water ? BUT i am not …

there's blossoms up 'road...




& the road

all wet

with rain

goldcroft road - weymouth - sunday afternoon 29 / april / 2012 in the pouring rain


NEIL YOUNG in Weymouth

Neil Young really hit it in the early '70's : 4 brilliant albums - "AFTER THE GOLD RUSH", "HARVEST", "TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT", and the one that really caught my attention - "ON THE BEACH"....and in Weymouth you cannot get away from it...and it is the best beach around for miles. Whenever i stroll the sands, or cycle along the sea-wall..WHEREVER ...Weymouth is definitely defined by its huge stretch of sand. John Cowper Powys, of course, wrote that classic - WEYMOUTH SANDS - yet here am i remembering Neil Young....and it is all because of them seagulls, always watching and waiting for scraps, chips....etcetera...

...and what are those crows looking at ? Just one little yacht does not make it The Olympics just yet....and me ....? Well, "i'm just sitting here on the beach ..........but those seagulls are out of reach.....GET OUT OF TOWN, think i'll get out of town."  Anyways, i'm sitting on a deckchair with my pineapple…

radipole dawning....(strictly) for the birds....

.....and 'trane sounds passed by.....
nado biked by.....


local reflections - #1 after the rain

*   nado  *


All of a sudden, after my usual warm water and lemon when i get up, i remembered the 2 bags of "blood oranges" i'd not unpacked from yesterday morning's shopping. i had been in a hurry - in and out - to go catch one of our once-every-two-hours bus service into town. Drinking the juice - about 330mls - was a welcome change from the meusli i've been having these past few mornings. But talk of MOCHI on facebook with Kymberlee Frame, i did think of miso soup with mochi, in this return-to-winter weather of ours. We have had forewarning of the coldest MAY for 100 years !!! watch this space for talk of Miso soup recipes, or talk of Miso generally. i do have lots of Miso and lots to talk about !!!!
(inside fridge, miso will keep indefinitely)



w/out words
small lights
lead the way


quiet steps
immense intervals
on stairs


spring night
considering birdsong &
puddles of rain


excursions into
the night sky
moment by moment


only God could
stop these thoughts
stop this music


hermit daydreams
not looking
not listening


april / 2012 golden goji hermitage.

                           * * * * * *

drifting thru dorchester

i really don't know clouds at all * sunday - dorchester mainly inhabited by crazy clouds.
*  *  *  *  *