White horses out in force all along the bay this a'noon. & on distant hills, one can make-out KING GEORGE riding OUT of Weymouth - some would say - GOOD RIDDANCE. Georgie, of course, should have been depicted riding majestically INTO our town - for his summer sojourn. It is not summer yet - probably, summer came and went some weeks ago !  ON this last day of APRIL, are we on the threshold of a "proper" summer ? i wonder. Is it too much to hope for in England ?
THE SUN is out today, and y'days dire greyness, gales and rain has been replaced by these beautiful, WHITE HORSES, all-be-they still driven by a less-fierce weather system, before my eyes on Weymouth beach, heralding, i wonder what ? Will OLYMPIAN SAILORS be welcomed by an adoring sun and the locals ?....£10 to get into the NOTHE GARDENS !...Losing-out to McDONALD'S and WALLS ICE CREAM...exclusive franchises during this Olympian Festival ! Just who will be the winners, on and off the water ?
BUT i am not a "local", i am an interloper - only bin 'ere 27 years. A "real" local, tells me, she can trace her family tree back over 400 years, was it ? - That's what qualifies as "LOCAL" ! And the long-gone roadside sign out of Weymouth, on THE RIDGEWAY, on the old Roman Road to Dorchester read - "WELCOME TO THE NORTH".....when you live in Weymouth, Dorchester is that far away - another world !   CERTAIN personal incapacities, over the last 30/40 years, means i do not have a passport. And what need for one now ?... except that i really owe it to my elder brother in OZ, to see exactly where he has been these last 40+ years - to at least reciprocate his many visits to "my" Weymouth, here in DORSET. i do not think i will ever be unseated from my rapture of Weymouth's WHITE HORSE/S, in the BAY ,on days like these - NO WONDER i GO NOWHERE !


P.S. After beach walk and getting caught in the surf to catch a photo opportunity, i end-up at COSTA COFFEE in St.MARY STREET and have a huge triple-esspresso-decaff. with soya milk, and some oh-so-beautiful, but oh-so-unhealthy, little crispy biscuits. and i am oh-so happy to be sitting HERE circa 5P.M....

*  *  *