DORSET JOURNEY 2013 : 2 - @ "THE BOOT" - KH. & BH. once again - just for the hell of it - April 22nd.

"Sitting has nothing to do with it." - KH. quoting SUZUKI ROSHI while drinking Cyder @ Golden GOJI Hermitage.


  1. Love the sequence B, very clever... You shld have given me the camera to include you... I missed the lunchtime habitu├ęs of old though, cider drinkers I recall... the secret someone said was to drink the cider slowly!I think the Boot has become the local... See you there tomorrow?

  2. i think "THE BOOT" WILL be my adopted local in future ...from now on. If only the renovated "OLD TOWN HALL"/ARTS CENTRE, across the road, would get a grip, it would truly qualify as ye favourite olde stamping ground. And only less than 20 minutes stroll from ye olde hermitage. i promise not to drink tomato juice EVERY time. And, YES, you will have to take a turn with the camera. Of course, there could always be a cunning self-portrait up my sleeve...
    i/we'll be there tomorrow for sure...maybe in the evening for the acoustic music, following a day-trip to Dorchester. "BLUE RADDLE"?

  3. YES KENNETH ! I will "RUN TO THE MOUNTAIN" and embrace the world...


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