DORSET JOURNEY 2013 : 1 - @ "THE BOOT" - KH. & BH. toast Kenneth Trimble - Barking mad in Melbourne and Weymouth - April 19th.






  1. oh oh, there's a couple of the usual suspects getting charged and ready to wreak havoc . . ahem, yass yass

  2. yeah two old dangerous dandys drinking another town dry.........cheers....cheers

  3. THANX Karl and more "dandy" than "dangerous" or ready to "wreak havoc" and mayhem in marble-washed jeans and hoody with Tibetan Buddha badge... just right for strolling around this small town to our beloved "BOOT" - oldest pub in Weymouth...1634?...1694? If you both joined us here, i could be accused of hangin' with the KKK!!!


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