If one can believe it, not one outlet in Dorchester were interested in having even one copy on their shelves. Variety of reasons - from "too expensive" or even, that they didn't think there would be any interest ! DUH ! THOMAS HARDY, son of Dorset !. DORCHESTER, the County Town.! Tourist season coming up!. Absolutely not a problem not to place them. i just "DON'T BELIEVE IT" !

OH is available @THE DANSEL GALLERY, ABBOTSBURY and THE ANTIQUE CENTRE , Nr.BREWER'S QUAY,WEYMOUTH. And, of course it will always be here @ Golden GOJI Hermitage.

Limited Edition of 75 signed and numbered copies @ £10 each.

However, everyone DID think they were beautiful, little hand-made books. Problem, i guess, was that they had never seen this sort of "book" before."It is almost an "art object" one person said, "i wonder where the best place for it would be?"  ....Answers on a postcard to me, the publisher @ Stingy Artist Editions..i do everything, apart from the actual printing..even make sauerkraut and sourdough bread. COME...TASTE AND SEE.