4 a.m. - FIRST BIRD

aaahhh! just five in the morning and most of a new day still available to me. i have a rare visitor for lunch. There's alfalfa & broccoli sprouts, watercress, mixed salad leaves, spring onions (scallions!! as you americans love to call 'em),baby plum tomatoes, celery, basil tofu...Shall i bake fresh bread?...i think so...Make some "hommoss b'tahina"?(that is what "we" call it at "home", following the Arabic of my mother...The usual, in the anglo world, is just to say HOMMOSS! Well, the translation of HOMMOSS,is simply CHICKPEAS! Is that all "they" could manage!)
The sun's rays are piercing the eastern horizon, between the houses opposite...no photo! If you follow my facebook, the memory card on my camera is full. Do not yet have a  replacement. Ho hum, another 4 thousand images in the pipeline...edited to maybe 100?

*   *   *