i was the second of four children, born out of the union of an Egyptian Mummy and a Yogi who wanted to build a boat and sail around the world. In 1949 i was taken, with my older brother (Christopher b.1946), to the Land of the Pharoahs, by boat. i lived in Egypt for about two-and-a-half years. i remember very little. i remember large, square, green floor tiles in a huge room, while standing under a shower with Christopher, in a big white bath. i remember mauve and yellow gauze that was used to dress my burns when i fell on a primus stove. i remember sitting on a bench at a wooden table in a little, dark  room with sun streaming-in through a high, small window and drinking a red cordial through two straws. And i remember sugar-cane, munching and crunching at the strands and fibres to extract the sweet juice. i don't actually remember anything else. i do not remember being terrified of the hoards of little crabs at Stanley Bay beach... OR of being led by the hand by Christopher into the water, which was up to our necks before we were rescued... NOR do i remember being given a swing by my Uncle Cesar, dislocating one of my arms at the shoulder joint in the process. Would one want that memory?  Anyway, we returned to England on "The Empire Windrush" in 1952... and I've not left these shores since!