Alongside one of RADIPOLE's many paths, is a place where violets grow. They appear late-winter as a sort-of harbinger of "our" spring. LATE-WINTER/EARLY-SPRING are rather blurry terms these days. In FEBRARY "we" thought SPRING had come, only to be plunged into COLD-WINTER as EASTER and APRIL arrive together this year. And COLD is forecast until the END of APRIL! Beware, you visitors to "our" shores from the antipodes!
My father, dead, seven years now, would love to see these VIOLETS, on his walks. AND now, i go in his stead and remember.
i have a feeling i will be too late to see 'em this year however. Far too late! Seems like a forlorn expectation. Plenty of narcissi...plenty of 'em...
......I do not see the violets. i look as i progress along the path towards the spot. I LOOK. Then I do see 'em. Just a few, clinging-on for me. They are there. THEY ARE THERE STILL....