It was a most salubrious MAY day, in LYME REGIS, walking wiv ve bruvvers, alongside CANDY-COLOURED CABINS with the beach on our left and THE COBB curving-out into LYME BAY...(part of KH.'s DORSET JOURNEY : 2013)...

* * *


  1. Amazing technology! As i recall, you hadnt realized you were filming; the camera tricked you into it? Lovely colours of the beach cabins. That's a funny moment when Robin & i pass the two colonels. And what an amusing strolling loping the two of us are demonstrating! I dont know why we didnt connive to snap you at some point. I'll share this to my page if i may.

  2. You are right that i found myself inadvertently "filming" on that day in Lyme Regis..BUT that was while we were sitting at table at breakfast, earlier. I certainly knew I was filming you on this occasion. i was drawn by the candy-coloured cabins... thought they'd be a good backdrop.

  3. two backdrops at your disposal sir! Love it! Great little film. The colours are great. What was yr impression of Lyme? Ive written it in LARGE on my darzetshire map! Thanks again!


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